Can’t use WAMP , port 80 is used by IIS X.X

I wanted to test a quick thing for WordPress on my local machine. So I downloaded and installed WAMP server. When I tried starting WAMP server, it didn’t start. (I icon in system tray didn’t turn GREEN). Since I had faced a similar issue, I was able to resolve it quickly. And thought of writing this post so that it helps other people as well.

First try to understand the problem before fixing it. Why didn’t WAMP server start? What went wrong? By default WAMP server is installed to port 80. So let’s test if port 80 is available or being blocked by some other application (generally if you have SKYPE installed, it runs on port 80 and blocks it, so you can’t run WAMP. Also IIS server blocks port 80.)
To test port 80
Click on WAMP server icon in system tray > Apache > Service > Test Port 80

port 80 is used by iis

You will get result like below

port 80 is used by iis _

In my case it was Microsoft – IIS/8.5 was blocking port 80. It said, port 80 is used by iis 8.5
Now, you know the problem, it’s time to fix it.

  • Either unblock the port 80 so that WAMP can use it (by removing the existing application(s) blocking the port)
  • OR Change WAMP configuration so that it runs of another port

I took the second option, so that we I don’t have to remove existing stuff.

To change default port location for WAMP, go to
C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.4.9\conf (if you have WAMP installed on default location)
OR else
You will see a file named “httpd.conf”.

  • Right click the file and open it with your favorite editor, you can use simple notepad as well.
  • Search for “# Change this to Listen on specific IP addresses as shown below to”, you will see something like the following, which shows that WAMP is listening to port 80
    Listen [::0]:80
  • Change it to listen to some other port, say 8080
    Listen [::0]:8080
  • Save and close the file. That’s pretty much it.
  • Restart All Services for WAMP and BINGO!! The server starts (the icon turns GREEN)
  • You can access your all your stuff by going to http://localhost:8080

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